Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a week!

It is Wednesday and I have yet to do my weekly That Was The Week That Was Blog. Frankly it has taken me to now to begin to process the week. It definitely reminded me of roller coasters I have known and loved.

Friday, my birthday, was a high even though to get to Albuquerque I had to drive through the most awful layer of smoke from the Wallow Fire on the New Mexico/Arizona border. But I made it with my eyes burning and my throat raw. I set up my exhibition at High Desert Art and Frame and then went to my friend's house in the near by mountains to prepare for the reception that night. Fortunately the air there was a lot nicer. I was satisfied with my arrangement of paintings and photographs, liked the venue and the owner. My sister called to say she would not make it but other than that things went swimmingly in spite of the health alerts because of the smoke layer.

Albuquerque is known for its thermal inversions because of the shape of the valley it lies in so the smoke did not help. I spent the weekend living on allergy meds while doing a once over pass on the used car markets, attended a baby shower, and enjoyed time with my best friend. Coming home on Sunday the air was even worse. But my side of the mountain was clearer.

Monday morning, still in a fibro fog from exhaustion and battling the smoke, I got broadsided by my artists representative that had set up the show. She e-mailed at me demanding I pay her as agreed the $65 I owed her and upset I had not profusely thanked her on my fanpage. Number one I am never profuse and I had complimented the reception and she had commented glowingly. But number two was she had switched the amount, and the messaged agreement (shades of the contractor from hell). It was suppose to be $60 upon the first sale. Not $65 at the reception (btw she never mentioned it that night). I raised these points as what I remembered. And she said that she never said that.

I went back and found the thread in our Facebook messages and continued the thread pointing out the date she had said 60 upon first sale, but said if she needed the money I would just send her the $60 on Wednesday after I got my SS deposit. I just wanted to point out I had not renigged on our agreement as she accused. I rather thought that settled the matter. But she messaged me back in a very abusive manner and told me my paintings were too high priced for the market and would never sell, and that I was not sophisticated enough for the Albuquerque Market and should not try to sell my work in that city again. Then she got personal.

I had mentioned on my personal page in Facebook going to the spa with my friend, and buying a grapefruit knife and spoons. She went viral on her fan page about how unprofessional I was naming me specifically, (she was suppose to promote my work for the entire month of the exhibit but this was not what I thought that would look like) and on my personal page about how I had money for the spa and dinnerware but not to pay her. The spa was off a previously paid for punch card (before the tooth and the car repairs) and the "dinnerware" was less than $15 out of the twenty given to me by a friend as a birthday gift. She then e-mailed me and threatened to take me to court for the $65. Duh?

Thus far I thought my behavior was highly professional. I had not done anything on FB that anyone could see. I handled our dispute on messages and e-mails, and never refused to pay her just said I couldn't until Wednesday. But people began to mention what she had said about me on her fan page which I had not seen as yet. When I went there I was livid and reported the abuse to FB in my process of blocking her. FB asked for a specific example by clicking on it on her page but as I had blocked her I couldn't do that. What is FB thinking? They should ask for that information before they act on the block request!

Then Yahoo!Messenger decided to totally screw up my new computer. Even McAfee thinks their site for a new download of the program I have used for over two decades is dangerous. So I spent part of yesterday cleaning my hard drive up and deleting Yahoo Messenger. Maybe there is something in the air causing things and people to go viral.

The good news is that my squash seem to be doing quite well in their little jerry-rigged hot bed. And I am home where the air is relatively clean - certainly better than Houston on a good day. My fur kids still love me.


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  2. First of all all kudos to you for having actually gotten down to it. Apart from Magpie and this morning I haven't posted anything.

    I do wish I'd had the time to come here earlier but you know that i was thinking of you.

    Where on earth sis you find that oh so rude artists representative?? I can't believe I missed all this on FB - well I can as I've been under a deluge of work. I read about the grapefruit knife and spoons but did not see the rest. Could you still get to her page? Methinks after all those very nasty remarks about your paintings, the green eye of envy is showing.


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