Sunday, June 10, 2012

No Time

Self-portrait of photographer

A funny thing happens on the way to no free time: I get more done. Put it another way the more time constraints in my schedule the more use I make of what little time is available to me. The larger block of time available to be used as I want the less likely I am to use it to clean the house. Taking a totally free day with no obligations to do something like wash all the windows seems like such a total waste!!!

It has to be the artist in me. I am not an idle person. Nor lazy. I love the grand project. Given ample money I would gladly stucco my whole house. I have thought how to do it in easy stages. But nix that. No money.

To make money I have been pet sitting and taking on the odd job (smaller than a handyman special but larger than do it yourself). Both ventures can be rather lucrative from time to time but can really break up your day. Tomorrow I have three visits each to two clients. I could add another cat in the mornings or evenings but dogs can be a bit more exhausting. Running two dog clients at once means I have about 2 to 3 hours between return visits. Not enough time to paint. Cannot begin a big project because of having to break multiple times.

But what fits great between dog walks is gardening tasks, washing the dishes, changing the sheets, rearranging the closet . . . those little things I seem to have no time to do. Two hours is also a nice segment to sit down and do a blog, or post process yesterday's photos I took. Charge the MP3 player. Turn on the kindle to wireless and check out more books to download. Organize those icons on my Android Tab. I have three days of max on pet sitting gigs and it should be adequate to get all those little to do's I have not had the time to do done.

And before anyone mentions it I have taken the 7 Basic Habits of Highly Effective People course.

The bad part about getting me in get it done mode is that I get rather short with anyone that stands in my way. Like the neighbor that not only missed the set appointment for servicing the riding mower this morning but didn't bother to call me and tell me she blew it totally off. Probably a good thing she didn't call because she is one of those that takes 20 minutes to give you the details of her headache. I think this is a definite tell that she is lying - See first season of Lie to Me. It is a waste of time to lie to me.

Got the soaker hoses hooked up to get the front flower beds. Hopefully it will rain tomorrow and this will not have been necessary but it was on that ignored to do list I had no time for before I didn't have enough time to do any bigger task. Dishes are done, garden is watered, trash has been bagged up in the passenger seat of the car. Poem written for Magpie Tales.

And not this Monday Morning blog is done a day early. Not bad for no time today.

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