Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That Was The Week That Was Once More

So many steps
Sometimes life gets repetitive but that was definitely not the case with this last week. Though at times like the ladders and steps up to Alcove house at Bandeleir National Monument it did seem a little overwhelming. Just take it one step at a time. But still there are some times when you are half way up you do not see where you are going to get the energy for even turning around and going back down.

However, it was a very fun and busy week with lots of interesting experiences and photographic opportunities.

At Old Taos Guesthouse

I met new people, had fun with old friends and got out of Dodge more than once. I have taken enough photographs to fill the next couple months of the 365 Day Photography Challenge on Binford-Bell Studio. But have overwhelmed myself with post processing to do.

Like the steps you just take it one photo at a time. Easier to skip photos than steps, however. But I got lucky with the steps - Alcove house was closed for repairs. Darn!

With all my out of the house tasks and running round with my camera I admit to not getting much done in the house cleaning department so I know what this week looks like. Oh, and studio time. I have that painting to do and got stretcher bars to stretch one photograph and paint another painting. Bit behind on my seven before the end of August. And tomorrow I have to run five paintings to Old Pass Gallery in Raton.

New Mexico has been getting rain so no doubt there will also be some mowing of the lawn in my immediate future. Just take it one task at a time.


  1. Lovely photos Jacqui! My "to do" list often gets pushed back in the quest of appeasing my need for enjoying these days summertime and I am happier gal for it!

  2. Love the photos - the blue jars are wonderful - great eye!

  3. Love the photos - the blue jars and colors pop so. And the sweet window at the guest house. A good week.


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