Friday, April 18, 2014

Here's to Spring Snow

Washing rugs

Spring snows catch you unawares in the midst of activities undertaken to get a jump on summer. They come when you think winter was over, and you had packed away the snow boots and moved the winter coats to the upstairs closet. Stored the all weather Carharts. Gotten out the wheel barrow in preparation for some gardening.

I confess this was not put away for winter

The come gently unlike the storms of winter. They are silent with no howling winds. Wet so they melt quickly into the soil but before they go they balance flake upon flake upon every possible surface and create artistry.

Lamp with Easter Bonnet

Most winters we are tired of snows by April but this was not most winters. We had some snow early December but January, February and much of March were barren. We started dreading the tinder box of dry forests that surround us. So the wet Spring Snows have been welcome even with the puddles of mud to follow.

Snow laden trees

You can almost hear the trees sign as the heavy, wet snow, bends their branches down. This snow was gone by noon the day it fell. And by evening most of the country roads were again dry. If you slept late you would have missed it all.

Patterns of snow

It came, it melted and it went. But the trees, grass, streams and ponds know it was here. And so do us photographers who ventured out at first light to record the beauty we missed out on much of this winter.

Muskrat Crossing

I hope April brings more snows before rain. I am behind in my spring chores and gardening already. I'll wait.

BTW these are not black and white photographs but full color. Before the sun burns through the snow clouds still covering the sky the world is wonderful shades of grey with the help of snow.

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