Monday, January 12, 2015


Never have been overly fond of the end of the year. Or for that matter the beginning of the new one. There seem to be so many unmet expectations from the "Joy of the Season" to all those new resolutions to be a better self. To which is added looming taxes, the flu season, awful weather, and removal of all coping mechanisms like our favorite shows so they can rerun Charlie Brown's Christmas, schedule all the bowl games, and make space for poorly scripted award shows.

Feeling weepy yesterday I threw the camera in the truck and went in search of ice to photograph. There was none. I had unconsciously noticed it just did not seem to be as cold this December to January, but that was a judgement made on what winter coats are hanging on the entry hooks. The Coretex coat for the Arctic which I wore constantly last winter is still in the upstairs closet. And any hopes, that while my yard was not covered with snow, certainly the mountains were getting it was dashed by this photo of rising valley fog. The peaks are snowless. Yes, it is the south face of the Sangre de Cristos, but this is mid January.

A local rancher had just bought some new yearlings sold off from colder areas. They clustered by the gates where the cattle trucks off loaded them. He usually waits until March to take this risk. I am waiting till March to send holiday cards. I was waiting for Epiphany to come up with resolutions. Maybe Ground hog day. Meanwhile I do that Kansas drought settler thing written about in the Little House on the Prairie books. I stand on my studio stoop and stare at the blue skies and exposed grass and wonder if the air smells different or the wind is from another direction.

I could not find my digital camera battery charger this morning. I have two. Both Nikon's have different batteries, ergo different chargers. So I started looking everywhere on my desk then remembered I had decided to store it someplace safer. I am not sure of the wisdom of black camera accessories stored in black camera bags. Between the first cruise of the camera bag and the second I found the external hard drive I got for my birthday but have yet to install. And a light bulb protective square of cardboard I had put a todo list on. Yes, the external hard drive was there. So was paint three times and at the bottom exercise.

I was going along swimmingly on exercise last year at this time and then came two cataract surgeries with the requirement of no exercise a month apart. I suppose it is safe to get back to it now. Heck I can even see my feet. And the barren top of Old Mike's and Wheeler. The old homestead in Black Lake has not fallen down yet but it is getting closer. Next heavy snow?

Farmer's Almanac says fog in January means a wet spring. We can only hope. We have a 10% chance of a half inch of snow today. That forecast is like a decaf latte with skim milk - Why bother.

Epiphany moment for today: I miss my cat far more than I miss the friendship which was ruined. Which is my excuse for not having sent holiday cards. Mother said do not say anything if you cannot say something good. Thankfully that does not seem to apply to blogs.


  1. Oh my dear brave artist friend...So sorry to see you are having a hard time. I am totally with you on the whole holiday season. At our age should we not be excused from the silly resolutions game?. Besides our lives are seasonal and the calendar year has little meaning. Drought is terrifying. At some point blue sky becomes not beautiful weather but the absence of rain. Hope you get some moisture soon. Mountain hug!

  2. My mother always used to say too, " if you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Different generation. Whilst I did not exactly burn my bra I am far more vocal now than I was forty years ago (I disregarded the advice when I realized it made me happier to do so).

    I am sorry that blues set in. A dear girlfriend of long standing told me four years ago after I'd burst into tears in a Christmas decorated Mall, where piped Christmas carols were coming from the tannoy, that it's 'an age thing".

    Forget tv and stick to Netflix. I hardly ever watch!

    It is only natural that you miss you miss your cat far more than the so called friendship you think you had. I feel for you but I am glad you miss your cat more than yoru friend. That makes you human.


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