Tuesday, March 17, 2015

And Then The Snow Was Gone

The almost two weeks of continual snow was unusual but not the return to spring like weather. It is one of the things I enjoy so much about New Mexico. The state only seems to play with the seasons. Sunday was in the 60's and so it was difficult to stay inside and do taxes. The snow was almost all gone but what replaced it was small streams, new ponds and mud. Definitely gardening was out. Could not resist trying to put a shovel into the ground, however. A few inches down was still frozen. And doing any structural repairs to the polytunnel would mean walking around through mud and standing in melted snow.

I'm flexible. I grabbed my camera and shopping list and headed down to Las Vegas. I am more and more choosing it for picking up supplies. It is further and requires more of my day then a quick hop over the mountain to Taos but it has several advantages. The Walmart there is a super one and aims its products at a more educated and upward mobile clientele than Taos or Espanola. The Lowes market, same chain as here in Angel Fire, prices its goods way below the you-cannot-afford-it here. And everything is not made to look like old adobes. I love the drive. It is very pleasant with lots of photo opportunities not yet fully explored.

This Sunday I spent my free time in the downtown area as opposed to the Old Town Plaza visited before. I barely touched the surface. Didn't even get to the Victorian houses that have been restored and those that haven't. Only skirted the Highlands University area. And just touched a corner of the downtown office buildings.

Highlands University building with louvers for temperature control

I love photographing buildings. Odd for a landscape artist but I loved architecture first. Wanted to become an architect, but University of New Mexico was not letting women into the program when I was attending. We still do not pay women the same as men, but at least now we will let them study for a career we might not let them enter into. But enough of the past.

Las Vegas Bank building

The first requirement of any photo exhibition planning is central parking. In Taos you have to feed a parking meter. And the Plaza area of Las Vegas has time limits. Downtown does not have these problems. There is a large free public lot right across from Charlie's Spic and Span eatery and within walking distance of everything I believe I want to ultimately explore in this area of Las Vegas. Sunday was just a reconnoiter.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

I had not considered spending the entire day in Las Vegas, but I could have, and kept the same parking space. Note to self: Is that true on a week day. Mistake one was eating brunch first after a late start. Mistake two was I had the long lens on the camera because I had envisioned taking photos of Victorian houses from the sidewalks. People are not always so thrilled to having a photographer tiptoe through the tulips on a Sunday morning. Mistake three was I did not lock my purse in the truck to lighten my load.

The tulips were not up yet. A few flowers would have made those Victorian houses more appealing. It may feel like spring outside but it really isn't. But later in the year, after the trees leaf out, the photograph above would not be possible. And the spire below would be playing peekaboo through the foliage. Note to self: Get down to Las Vegas again before the trees leaf out.

And is there a week with flowers but no leaves yet?

Aaah, shopping. My excuse to escape all the household chores. Nobody else to do them but me. Clearly the next trip down is not going to be for shopping. These peeks at spring while winter is winding down are hard to ignore. Rain/snow mix is in the forecast again this week. We might not NEED the moisture now but I want it. My stream is running and the pond in my backyard, originally dug to dewater my acreage, is full for the first time in years. Storrie Lake is filling back up. Next time down I will stop on the way back.

My way back stop this trip was an abandoned adobe house I have noted on several passings.

This fix it upper is serving as a pigeon coop informally. It is across from a lovely stream which once it is green may give up some great photographs. And across the highway there is a road not yet taken. I always wonder where it goes but figure I do not have the time to explore. There is the shopping. And so many photos not yet taken in Las Vegas.


  1. What? They did not allow women into architecture school? Crazy!

    1. Their excuse was that they had womens restrooms in the engineering/architecture buildings. They were directly across a small park from the fine art buildings so I replied no problem. I had the math and geometry nailed but they denied me entrance to the program.


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