Monday, June 15, 2015

An Arrangement of Artists

Artists work alone. They work in studios and closets and what was once the guest room. The remodel garages and garrets and garden sheds so they can work at their passion. When forced to by patrons, gallery owners or economic necessity they dress up and make nice. But we are introverts. We are most comfortable with ourselves and some medium to make art with. But we are happiest in those rare arrangements of artists called workshops.

I was lucky enough to be one of an arrangement of eight this weekend. Only two I knew before but like birds of a feather we know our kind almost instantly. For me the excuse for the weekend was the risers on my flight of steps I am redoing. Have been redoing for seven years. Okay maybe more. And when I heard about the workshop in tempered glass mosaic I found my medium for those 12 risers. No expensive tile. Just cheap recycled tempered glass from the Restore store. The kittens had already demonstrated how easy it was to break. In the workshop I learned how to do it neatly.

Shattered shower door

I also learned of a light weight substrate and several great glues. And most of the tools and supplies after the broken glass are available at my favorite hardware stores or on line. I know I can make all my risers first on the flat and then put them in place. So I have a plan.

Finished pieces from the workshop

But this is not want I wanted to blog about. My subject was an arrangement of artists. And how easily we fall into alignment - well not alignment. Too much laughing for alignment. If you are used to seminars at college a workshop of artists might drive you over the edge. Especially if it was an engineering seminar you last attended.

Oh, not that we don't have our serious moments. From time to time.

Getting the grout just right

Working against the clock on the class project

Yes, we all learned a lot. We all went home with our minds full of what we are going to do next in this new medium and how to improve on that. It was two days of high energy and creativity and we were all tired by the end. And we were also full of inspiration and great memories.

Show and tell time

And whether you took the workshop to make stair risers or to make art just being there makes you a part of the arrangement of artists. Warning: Workshop energy can become addictive. You drive away wondering what the next out-side-the-box experience you can schedule.

This is just one example of why our community is trying to fund Our Very Own Permanent Home for the Arts. And not just visual arts but dance, and theater, and music, and writing, and quilt making. But workshops for seniors and kids and, of course, artists or artists to be. Arts give to the community. They help create community.


  1. Love the blog and love what your community wants to do. Teaching my little ones through the arts, all of them, helps them to grow, learn about their selves, teaches them tolerance and become passionate about life.


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