Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Am Back

First the disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do about lions. I just felt like posting a happy picture of lions to erase all the pictures of a dead Cecil currently on the internet.

This blog is really about a tooth. My ex-tooth. And that I will put off going to a dentist until it is so painful I consider pulling it myself with a pliers. I know I have blogged about how I feel about dentists before. This blog about The Tooth and nothing but The Tooth. Because that is what your life becomes about when you have a bad tooth.

Your focus at every meal is how to chew on the side The Tooth isn't on and in such a way the movement of your mouth or tongue does not touch THE TOOTH. THE TOOTH becomes the entire focus on your life. Even when it isn't hurting you are thinking about The Tooth.

You think that when at last THE TOOTH is gone you can get back to normal but then you get to think about not exploring with your tongue where it was, and how much it cost to have it gone, and that you cannot drink out of your favorite suckie cup until 48 hours is gone, and the foods you cannot eat in that time.

But suddenly you are hungry and oh so thirsty and so without pain. You wonder what you were thinking to wait so long. And you know. You do not like dentists on so very many levels. So when a dentist paid scouts to lead him to a beautiful lion to kill illegally you hate him more than most animal lovers will or do.

But I am back. The tooth is gone. I can give my attention to other things like art, and eating eggs and bacon, and beasts that kill the king of the jungle.

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  1. Glad you have resolved the issue, great read. So true, when a body part is malfunctioning it takes over our life!


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