Friday, December 25, 2015

Game Changers

Life seems to change when we least expect it. And we are prone to see those changes as failures as if success is for the situation to remain the same. In fact, success should be about rolling with the punches.

Anyone can walk on even ground or keep in step with a marching band. Picking your own path or setting your own rhythm is the challenge.

It has been a challenging month. So challenging I have not had time to write a blog in three weeks. No time to pause and catch my breath and re-access. Sometimes the pauses are enforced by other circumstances. And you are stuck in a lobby, or a waiting room, or exam room having forgotten your tablet and your cell phone; all the magazines are five years old; and there is no one to talk to but yourself.

But you know things will be changing if on no other level than how you see yourself.

And there are no quick answers. You have no plan for the days ahead easy at hand.

A choice is to see it as an opportunity. A game changer. The challenge is to figure out the new game.

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  1. It's all part of the plan! Challenges are sent to make us think!


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