Thursday, November 3, 2016

When Life Gets Too Complicated

When life gets too complicated and overwhelming I often opt out. At least for a little while. This week has been like that. And increasingly more so. Yesterday I took radical action. I closed the my calendar, grabbed a camera and called to my loyal canine companion, and headed out to where I knew I would see nobody. I even left the cellphone in the truck.

I live in New Mexico mountains because such stolen time is easy to arrange. I only had to drive a couple of miles. I did not realize until I was walking with Magique at my side how long it had been since my labradoodle and I had done this solo.

Mardi Gras's passing in the last week of August had begun a round of walking with friends. I knew Magique was as lonely for our missing fur friend as I was, and I was constantly arranging play dates with friends with dogs and trails picked for the exercise and comradeship as opposed to solitude.

Maybe I was over complicating my life so I would not have to face the loss of my 17 year old Standard Poodle. Such walks as Magique and I took yesterday were common fare when Mardi Gras was here with us. Every stop I took for a photo opportunity I found myself looking for her. I once had two totally well trained photographer's dogs who stood behind and beside and never got in the frame if I stopped and raised the camera. Now I just have one.

It was a great walk yesterday. The weather was perfect and the photo opportunities quite nice. When you walk with just your fur kid there is a wonderful silence which fills the path. It is simple. And very calming to your soul.

We miss you Mardi Gras

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