Sunday, May 28, 2017

What if? DTJ

What If
We dissolved both parties?
No red states
No blue states
No electoral college
No endless polling?

What if
There were no Republicans
No Democrats
Even no third parties
No platforms
No gang of eight?

What if
Instead of Red or Blue
There was just
Red, white and Blue
Just us citizens?

What if 
We all voted for the people
Not for some party
Which has never been fun
Or entertaining
And in the end a disaster?

What if
You walked into a voting booth
And saw a ballot
With just the names of people
Who wanted to serve
Not their party?

on the real Memorial Day
May 2017


  1. I would still want to know what those individual people stand for. That is usually done through a party platform. Not that any single party or person can ever represent all things to all people.

    1. We all don't fit into the platforms especially when there is just two to choose from. I am a centrist and frankly cannot imagine me voting for either party based on the party platform. And our founding fathers never imagined a two party system.

  2. Great 'What If'. I think the US had bad luck - really bad luck in that neither candidates were suitable to hold the Office of President.


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