Sunday, September 24, 2017

You Can Be Too Busy to Pause

Keep on keeping on. 

My last post was 20 days ago. A lot has happened in those days but there has been no time to stop and reflect upon it. I have been in to do list mode preparing for a a social event hosted at my studio, a visit from my sister, the first Angel Fire Studio Tour, and the approaching winter.

To that impressive list I had to add a trip to the dentist too long put off, and a nuisance lawsuit brought by an annoying gnat in my life. And, of course, you can never drop everything on your schedule to focus totally on the to do list. Life keeps on and continues to produce messes you must attend to.

And consciously or unconsciously we add to the list which should be getting smaller but seems to grow exponentially. In part because items on the list never stand alone. My visit from my sister produced fruit which made the list grow: More photographs to upload and post process, beads and findings to make more jewelry for the studio tour (five new necklace and earring sets). And the trip to the dentist has added another appointment or two which must be kept. The studio tour which is next weekend has its own list beyond just cleaning up the studio. There is promoting my participation
 in the tour.

I won the judgment on the lawsuit. Now to figure out how I might actually collect on that. Need the money for the dentist. And then there are the things I let slide to get what I needed to do done. Ordered firewood late. Now to schedule chimney sweep, prepare the garden for winter.

And on Friday I realized I had hit the wall on energy. But that sort of pause usually results in panic about what remains to be done. Not sure I had time to write this blog. Some times your only option is to just keep on keeping on.

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  1. I love your photography. You're right life goes on. So many things come our way even when we have planned our days. Expect the unexpected they say...


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