Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Day in Taos

I had to go to Taos yesterday for an appointment with my legal aid attorneys and one of my witnesses in my defense against the contractor-from-hell. My witness is giving a deposition this afternoon. Needless to say I was not looking forward to the whole ordeal and so taking a tip from my father, who always combined our doctor visits with trips to toy stores, I decided to treat myself to working out at the gym and then a visit to my favorite kitchen store: Monet's Kitchen.

My excuse was that I needed a harp and a mandolin. No, not musical instruments. A harp is a more intelligent hand potato peeler and a mandolin slices and juliennes. According to the chef that instructed us at the Taos School of Cooking last week both are indispensable in the kitchen.

Monet's Kitchen is in the little Bent Street area of Taos with all the cute stores. It is were Moby Dicken's Book Store is. And my favorite yarn shop. I needed some #6 double pointed needles for a knitting project. So after being good and working out I got to be naughty and shop though stores I rarely visit without a burning need or a visitor in from out of town.

I admit my shopping trips to Taos have become very plebian. I go with list in hand to buy the necessities at the lowest possible prices and spending the least amount of time. The one exception to this being my favorite art supply store. Hey, business expense. I had a list this trip too but it was small and exclusive as I am still on a budget. And I have found many women shop for hours without realizing it isn't the merchandise they are after to paraphrase Thoreau's quote on fishing. We just love to shop. Eye candy as an artist friend of mine says.

Lots of great eye candy at Monet's. And the yarn shop. And the book store. Only item I bought not on the list was a pastry cutter. My sister was shocked on a recent visit that I didn't have one since I have three sizes of whisks and still scramble my eggs with a fork. I love kitchen toys. I love to cook.

I should revisit Bent Street more often now that I have proven I can shop and not over buy. But the yarn shop could be dangerous. I can defend purchase there as not merely merchandise but entertainment.

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  1. I have been on this page for over an hour - O was side-tracked!

    A treat always is a nice idea when something not to be over the moon about happens or is about to happen.

    I love kitchen shops. Even a potato peeler is a find for me!


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