Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Eve's Blue Moon

Blue moons are either the second full moon in a calendar month or, as Farmer's Almanac defines it, an extra full moon in a season. Historically this extra full moon was called a betrayer moon because it could set off the timing of Lent and ergo Easter. And it betrays the naming of the twelve moons because suddenly there is this extra one but my calendar for 2009 calls this the Full Long Nights Moon. And the next full moon - Sun Has Not Strength to Thaw Moon - will be January 30th.

There is no heavy astrological significance of a blue or betrayer moon other than the usual "lunacy" that occurs around a full moon. My sister, who is a nurse, is not fond of full moons because of the havoc they create in emergency wards. There has been some recent research which says this long held belief is myth but ask any police officer or hospital employee. To add a full moon, blue or otherwise, to New Year's Eve does not bode well. Can you imagine what a full Moon will do to already crazed New Year's revelers? A more meaningful way to ring in 2010; instead of joining in drunken revelry maybe tp sit outside and look up at the beautiful Moon and see what messages it has to tell you for the future. With current temperatures where I live this could result, with the addition of alcohol, in a lot of frozen moon gazers. Fortunately, I can watch the moon rise from the comfort of my studio.

All full moons rise at sun set. I guess that makes it possible to both gaze at the moon and later party with the rest of the lunatics. Just don't drive drunk. It can ruin your entire new year or your life and the life of innocents out on the road.


  1. If I can see the moon, I often sat and gaze upon it. The full moons are the best as they seem to change colors: white, yellow, orange, and blue. While moon gazing, the stars seem to shine more brightly and if the outside temperature matches the mood, then all can be right in the world, if only for a moment.

  2. We missed the New Year's Eve Blue Moon as it was seriously stormy and any hint of moonlight was obscured by clouds, rain and lightning!


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