Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ten More Days

No, not ten more shopping days til Christmas. Ten more waiting days until after Christmas sales. A trip to Santa Fe last year after Christmas netted me some great bargains on holiday ornaments, etc. This year I am going to try to score myself an LCD TV screen and/or a new DeWalt battery powered drill. Pre-holiday prices are looking good but early reports are that sales are down some 50% from last year and we know how bad a Christmas shopping season that was.

Besides I am entirely too busy to do anything before Christmas. And my sister is working through Christmas anyway. And because of the wonderful planning of the state and when I bought my van a few years ago practically everything is due in December from van insurance and registration to property taxes and insurance. Who thought that up in state government?

The good news is all of that is paid. The bad news is it doesn't feel a lot like Christmas. Even the long range forecast is looking dismal for a white Christmas and I live at the foot of a ski resort. Mind you I am all in favor of the high 30's and low 40's temperatures we are going to have. Some of the snow lying around my property in drifts will melt and water the trees and plants.

And it is looking good for a girls' day in Santa Fe this year. I am making my conservative list and checking it twice. I don't want to spend all my money. Last winter was hell trying to scrape up the bucks for heating bills, etc. I am trying to build a nest egg as a cushion for unexpected expenses.

Are you paring down your holiday buying?

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  1. I don't have any holiday buying. I purchased and sent a few things end of November to my sons and their GFs. Dutch Christmases are surrounded by good food and drink. So, I guess the little bit extra goes to the supermarket. But your shopping day sounds both fun and practical. Good luck getting those wants and needs!


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