Monday, February 7, 2011

The Last Week on a Personal Level

It's Monday and we already have more snow even though the bigger storm is suppose to hit on Tuesday. After a warmer and drier than normal January I find myself arguing with the weather outside my windows - like anyone listens. All my neighbors have also been suffering from cabin fever. Rant and rave telephone calls are frequent. One of my neighbors claims to be making plans to move to Hawaii which she left six years ago because of island fever. She does this every winter. Another is so upset with the lack of immediate response, in the midst of a declared emergency, to her propane tank problem that she is planning to go totally solar. She doesn't want to hear what it will cost. A third friend is thrilled she is wintering in southern Arizona, but  is worried she won't be able to get to her house upon her return in March.

I think I have just "caved." I have holed up in my warm house with a fire in the wood stove and worked on my new desktop computer, my new Corel Printshop Pro photo editing program, and my new store front on my Facebook fan page. And I have blogged about the emergency situation caused by the shut off of natural gas to the northern part of New Mexico. And kept up with my ethernet friends around the world. Australia has had a cyclone and a wild fire. And I have been grateful for my snug home, coffee, crosswords and the Internet. My sister and I had been planning a bit of a roadtrip because the weather had been so nice. Due to money we put it off. I think we would have been in Chaco when the storm of last week hit.

Oh, and I have shoveled snow (408 calories per hour) and carried firewood (weight training) and refined my emergency preparedness in case we lost power. Yesterday while others were watching the Superbowl I got back to my studio and worked on my large painting which today I hope to finish while beginning two others. Let's hope the power stays up and some utility mogul doesn't opt to sell electricity to a higher bidder.


  1. I like the sound of your 'caving in'. Seems ideal to me under the circumstances. Very sensible.

    I have been too busy work wise. too stressed to sit quietly and ponder, too hyper about my health and too preoccupied to count my blessings. Four blog posts (all Mags) in four weeks? Unacceptable. Time to take stock.

    There was a Superbowl?? Whoops!

  2. Meanwhile I seem to be running off at the blog


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