Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making a Shopping List

I do try to support local businesses but I no longer ski, have a complete stock of Angel Fire t-shirts, and cannot figure out the open/close schedule of our restaurants in off season. In spite of gas being 20 to 30 cents more per gallon than Taos I usually fill up on this side of the mountain unless I need to go to Taos for another reason.

Since the Taos branch of Artisan's art supply closed these trips had become less frequent. As a solo household I often just picked up food stuffs at the local store. The Valley Market was recently bought and remodeled by Lowe's, a Texas chain. The remodel enlarged the store but most of the new footage has been taken up by a much expanded liquor section which is arranged so it cannot be avoided. My favorite brand of ice cream is gone. Organic foods are relegated to one half aisle across from wines. Whole wheat flour cannot be found. Their bread is that white foamy stuff that when wadded up makes a great cleaner for paintings. And your ability to find organic milk is dependent on being there on stocking day. They said they were keeping on the neighbors that worked there but I think the last one just got forced out.

I have continued to try mainly because of my schedule before vacation but the items on the list I cannot find grow and finally I have a list long enough to justify the 50 mile round trip to Taos. I see that this will be a twice a month event and while there I will fill up on cheaper gas. If I pop in the local market it will be for the odd can of dog food, but even pet food sacrificed space for more liquor. One hopes they can make a profit on tourists because most of us locals are spurning the place, and they spent a lot on the remodel. I was one of the last "give them some time" people.

Well, back to that shopping list.

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