Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time Slipping Away

This last year seems to have gone so fast. And the last two months like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I have changed so many things it is hard to find equilibrium it seems. And it isn't just me but the world around me as we race from fall to winter in New Mexico.

I normally post a weekly blog here on Mondays and just this morning (in the hours before dawn) realized it was Wednesday. Vacation with my sister begins tomorrow. We are off to photograph more of our beloved Colorado Plateau. This time the southern edge of it. Have cameras and laptops and will travel. Only this time we are doing it on day trips or overnight turn arounds. Works best with fur kids and changeable weather.

I need the vacation. But not because it is a change of pace. Pace has changed a lot all on its own. A bit of boredom would be nice. No computer crashes, no extreme allergic reactions with a pet, no more friends being diagnosed with terminal illnesses, etc.  Same oh, same oh sounds very nice actually.

But I seem to have no control over time or what happens in that time. I just feel a bit old to go with the flow. And we are too close to winter to throw caution to the winds.

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  1. I think the New Agey worship of change is totally overdone. May blog about that some time. Hope you get some Peace.


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