Monday, January 2, 2012

And So It Begins

First Dawn of 2012

Been a while since I walked to the door of my studio with my camera to capture the dawn. Yesterday seemed an appropriate day to do so. First day of 2012 and the first dawn was definitely recordable. And this is the first Monday blog of the year.

Yesterday I cooked an elk roast, and butternut squash with curry and craisens. I took those two dishes with my English horseradish sauce to my neighbors. Janet rounded out the feast with baked potatoes and creamed spinach, pumpkin pie and coffee. A cooperative holiday meal has been a tradition between us for quite some time.

The week before the year 2011 ended I began another get in shape campaign. When I allow myself to stop and consider what works for me as opposed to all those media hyped plans I usually manage to make these campaigns work. Exercise. And keeping records of exercise.

So on the 26th of December I got out a spiral notebook and recorded my first day of exercise. Later in the week I added weight to my Chronicles. Almost immediately it goes up when I pay attention to it. Then it is locate the tape measure. This can always be a bit shaming because the measurements I remember are always those from my bulimic youth. I had an 18 inch waist. Anyone out there remember cinch belts and petticoats. I could cinch that waist to about 14.

This all seems silly in light of the fact that I don't really care what the scale or the tape says. It is what my jeans tell me that matter. I want them all to zip and fit more comfortably. And what my muscles say. If you don't use them you lose them. And at my age losing muscle results in bone breaks and joint replacements. I hate doctors. So all the hand weights and elastic bands were recovered from their resting places. The elliptical trainer oiled and adjusted. The Pilates ball inflated. Yoga mat washed off. And daily I have been rotating my exercise techniques and increasing the time spent. All noted neatly in my fitness journal. Already I feel better.

Soon as I am totally addicted to the endorphin's generated from exercise and I will allow myself one day off per week.

Other goals for 2012: More photography trips, more progress toward that poetry/art book I am planning, more painting, more sewing, more dinners with friends.


  1. I enjoyed reading this... you images relating to exercise made me giggle. You are quite right of course, its the 'jeans' that really help you 'measure' weightloss. Like you, mine need to be more comfy... and less 'muffin top. I also find recording my exercise (I try and swim 3 times a week in addition to walk) keeps me motivated.

    Also jumped at the thought of Elk stew, I guess its just a big deer in all truth. I'm not over keen on venison, but your menu sounds perfect for cosy nights in out of the cold.

  2. It was an elk roast and not a stew. And elk are not big deer. They graze and not browse and so taste like cow. We are what we eat.

    Elk meat is very lean and organic.

    I forgot the term muffin top. Good to remind myself of just before lunch.

  3. Your dinner sounds fabulous. Do you go elk hunting yourself? Impressed
    by the exercise.....

  4. No, Ien, I have not gone elk hunting myself. There are a couple of us that buy a permit for a disabled veteran. He hunts and we share.

  5. Love the he hunts and we share thing! Need to look into that here. This is the sort of thing the economy in hard times has to work with. Be glad you are in the country.


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