Friday, January 20, 2012

Denial is a God Given Survival Skill

Red Sky in the Morning

I do want to pretend all will be well when things are going well. I believe that if I prepare for a rainy day that day will come. And my history seems to have proven me right by in large. So what is wrong with preparing for a sunny day?

If the pantry is full and there is a prudent reserve in the bank why won't it work just as well for a celebration as a rescue?

On some level I always seem to prepare for the worst but am totally surprised when it comes. I seldom, if ever, throw away a document or receipt I think I might need to prove my point. And I am a great person for following every critical conversation up with an e-mail or letter. So why don't I put them nicely in folders as I go along instead of having to scramble to get all my documentation lined up. Why do I want to whistle in the dark?

This morning finally totally sure that my tenant was not going gently into that other apartment complex in a far away city (even though her move was her idea) I lined up all those pieces of paper in the infamous file termed rental legal, printed out all relevant e-mails, and wrote out a timeline. When I worked as a contracts engineer for a construction firm all of this would have been done. Every piece of paper would be punched and inserted in reverse chronological order in the folder with those brackets on top. Lined pages stapled to the left side of the folder would have meticulous notes of significant events in the process of the contract.

I know how it is done. I would just rather assume it isn't going to be necessary.

I will even argue with that old sailor's saw of Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night sailor's delight. I reverse it to suit my mood.  So this morning's red sky I say as a photographer's gift. Not the preamble to a spate of rough seas.

Mother always said I was a dreamer.

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  1. I know a similar saying.. red sky at night Shepards delight, red sky at morning, Shepards warning. Like you never too sure as its does switch round fate wise. Hope the tenant leaves peacefully, always a worry (just got rid of a lodger at Christmas). Beautiful image..... what a wonderous thing to wake to


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