Sunday, February 26, 2012

On a threshold

Window Shopping

Here we are at the end of February. I had hoped to have my duplex unit rented by now. But I don't. Fortunately the universe has been providing the extra money I need to make ends meet if just barely. It would be wonderful if I could sustain and grow that extra income and get the duplex rented to reliable tenant.

Spring is beginning early it seems and there are things I want and places I would like to go and I am tired of the static of winter. I want to bloom and grow and branch out. Though frankly I haven't a clue about the direction I want. I know I need to wrap up some things that have been hanging out and then propose a plan for myself. At my age can it be long range? Or should I stick with 5 year segments. Still there are days that 5 years seems very, very long range. And not all that desirable with my current budget frankly.

Having lived through the best of the economy I am finding the worst of the economy oppressive. News reports say there are hopeful signs but then there are the rising gas prices which are awful for a person on a limited budget and/or an artist. Spring does, however, make it easier to rent my duplex. People don't move around here in the winter.

April/May will be the photography exhibit at the visitor's center for me and my sister. I am excited about that. Both of us have done well with our photography as far as prizes and I have sold several framed prints. Spring also begins the rebirth of the studio tour.

I am reminded today that at times it is necessary to shut one door before opening another. But we are never entirely sure what is on the other side. Thresholds are not that easy to cross.

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