Sunday, February 12, 2012

Watching the weather change

Frost and Fence by J. Binford-Bell

It has been a strange day. And a strange February. It began with freezing fog and frost on a variety of surfaces creating a winter wonderland. Then it began to snow but the temperature was 37 F and it melted and dripped from eaves and trees. Now as the temperature drops ice sickles are forming.

February has been a series of such storms if that is the word for them. None of them have given us more than an inch of snow which has lasted for only a brief period of time. Still it is moisture. But February is generally a lot more moisture. It and March can be when we get the biggest snow falls. Snow that comprises much of our mountain snow pack to prevent fires in the winter. Everyone already is taking of a hopefully wet May to make up the difference.

The weather bureaus seem as daunted as we do. Yesterday the forecast on NOAA was for snow through Wednesday though only an inch a day. Now there is no snow forecast beyond today. Definitely climate change. The damp of today feels more like a California winter than my mountain home. I have the fire not because it is cold but just wet.

Quickly looking back on my week I have to say it has been as changeable as the weather. Thought I had a renter and then decided I didn't. Thought I could fix the washing machine but the repair man just picked it up for parts. So not providing washer and dryer in the rental unit.

Height of the week was that my sister and I won three of four prizes in a photography exhibit.

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