Monday, March 5, 2012

Moving Forward?

When I first bought my house I had all sorts of grand plans to remodel and renovate. Time and money are silent regulators of such plans. For a while I was moving along like gang busters though as is my nature not on a single track. Working in one room seemed to necessitate things with another.  And frankly shit happens.

Events - a long time renter moving out - made it necessary to devote time to the attached duplex apartment so it could be rented to provide revenue. And the studio addition did not go as planned time or money wise and I ended up having to devote energies and finances to completing it so it could function as it was attended. Then the economy took a nose dive. Contractor I dismissed sued me for work he did not do.

I was in the midst of doing my bedroom when all that happened. Carpet had been ripped up, walls half resurfaced, computer and computer desk shoved into all free space left. Hell, I only slept there I thought as I patched and repainted living room ceiling after the carpenter fell through it. For a while my focus was the living room so the computer and home office could move there. Then back to focusing on the art business in the finished studio. And money going to a dying car. It is a very, very long story.

Recently events demanded that I turn my attention back to the hovel I called my bedroom. Just clearing out the junk that remained after moving the computer - can junk grow - seemed beyond me. But it had to go if I was going to move the bed. Removing it was not an option because the spare room is now a storage area for the junk and boxed paintings (I have a larger inventory than I need given I am not doing fairs).

I spent a couple days just planning my strategy for painting the floor before moving the pirates bed in from the duplex unit - fortunately it moved in pieces - a couple rather heavy. No way was I letting a stranger - or even some friends - upstairs to help. If felt like a train wreck. One you did not want to admit had happened to you. I had such plans for my bedroom and now I was not even that sure what they were. I stood for some time just trying to remember. And acknowledge what had gotten done. The closet remodels were done. And the majority of three walls ready to prime and paint. And I know what I want to do with the floor once the walls are done. It would be nice to be in a place where I could strip the room and do the walls, paint them and then do the floor. But I am not.

I might have given up just about then but for the pieces of the queen sized pirates bed leaning up against walls in the hall and shoved into the already crowded spare room. Saturday it was assembled in my bedroom on the opposite wall where my bed had stood. The wall that had been relegated to stuff that seemed to belong no where else. I promise to make the spare room my new project once I figure how to get rid of the now unneeded box spring shoved in there. See previous mention of broken van.

Sunday I sorted through laundry that previously had no place to be beyond a basket or two. There was a pile to go to the thrift store and jeans and sweats got sorted into the under the bed drawers (one of the reasons I really wanted the pirates bed). The bedroom looks huge and open and not like a hovel at all. I can see my original plan and am now deciding on a step by step plan to achieve it. My neighbor and I are planning on renting a storage unit together to store the excess stuff that life and having rental units creates. We are planning a spring yard sale, and I am looking for a pickup and driver to hire to handle the box springs, etc.

I think I just may get the choo choo back on track.

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