Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OMG It is Tuesday

Peony by J. Binford-Bell

Or day 185 on my 366 day photography challenge on my Facebook Page. I am debating the above picture to be day 186. And while I am focused on that I totally missed Monday. Half the year is gone. Photographs taken and posted. Six months too hastily spent it would seem.

I am, as usual, not where I would have liked to be at this juncture in 2012 but I feel far better positioned than I was a year ago. Lots has changed. And lots remains the same.

This time last year I was madly putting paint to canvas to get half a dozen new pieces to take to Artfest here in Angel Fire. This year I have two paintings on the table I would like to finish for people visiting my gallery this summer. And I have almost 30 new photographs taken, matted and framed. And I have 25 photographs of my sisters my studio now represents. And all my jewelry is in my studio now instead of split between here and Artspace Gallery. Old Town Gallery in Cimarron still represents my paintings.

My big success this summer has been my garden. I love the lettuce and greens it is producing for me and my friends. As I have stated before one of the reasons I decided to get out of doing fairs was it did not allow me to garden. One had to go and as fairs with the economy seemed to cost more than they brought in I decided to do the garden. It is a total sense of joy for me. And probably why I have not painted so much yet. It took a lot of work to rearrange everything and build the tunnels and plant the garden.

I see the last half of 2012 as giving me more time in the studio to paint and teach.

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