Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Sunday?

Apologies to Monet

And I find myself asking what that is all about. Us humans seem to want to mark time. Measure it off in neat little blocks like weeks and months, days and hours. None of them make a lot of sense. Seven days in a week/why not 5? And we know they have the number of days in a month all screwed up. Sometimes our formula for keeping time has been so out of step with the rotations of the earth and paths of the planets that there have had to be corrections. Rioting in the streets once because the populace thought 10 days had been stolen from them.

And yet we suddenly seem so very sure of not merely our measurement of time but the civilizations that came before that we are sure the world is ending on December 21st of this year per the Mayans that did not even have a December. Let alone the year 2012 CE. CE stands for Common Era incidentally and replaces AD which I always said as After Death when it meant Years of our Lord. But he was not everyone's Lord so the CE makes sense. And instead of Before Christ it is Before the Common Era or BCE. All of which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Mayan Calendar. And watch as I must every documentary on the Mayans it seems that we took some tremendous leaps from having only fragments of their written language to being able to totally predict when they say the world is going to end.

And by the way that really depends upon the calendar stone you are referring to. Seems their calendars ran out when they got to the edge of the stone. Newer calendars required bigger stones or dropping off a bunch of their Before the Common Era years. There are stones that predict the world already being over, and you could argue that for the Mayan civilization as we know it, it is. And given that we have not unearthed all the cities and temples of that civilization there could be stones that go beyond 2012. See computers programmed before we comprehended a 2000, or at a minimum had no room for calculations beyond 1999,  and those programmed since with more memory.

Still I have this otherwise educated friend that is basing her entire life this year on there being no December 22, 2012. I personally think she is crazy. She thinks I am because I have a workshop scheduled for early 2013. But I do see a certain logic in knowing the world will end on a certain day. It will be a Friday. I find it far more rational than the Rapture which is not to be mistaken for the end of the world and has no fixed date. Obviously it is totally up to the whim of our Lord. Well, your Lord. Or some lord.

And this is Sunday which is the Lord's day and named after the Roman (ergo pagan) God Sol or literally dies solis.

I began this blog with a photograph and an apology to Monet. I probably now need to apologize to the Romans, the Mayans and I suppose the Christians. I have a cold and it makes for muddled thinking.

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