Monday, August 27, 2012

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Shadows of Time

As I grow older I see time not as so many days upon the calendar, so many pages flipped over to reveal another, but as as shadows on the wall lengthening and then shortening; the breeze changing in freshness and from where it comes; the turnover of birds at the feeders and in the trees.

All these things I take in stride. Remarking only to a friend one day last week that fall was here again. The unspoken being that winter was coming and I needed to begin preparing. But events, long anticipated, have again snuck up on me. Like Sunday becoming Monday without warning it seemed. The 49th high school reunion is now only 2 weeks away. Well, less. Two weeks from last Saturday. And while we are on the passage of time, how did I get old enough to be attending my 49th high school reunion? And why am I going? But that is perhaps another blog.

This blog is about time. Oh so important when we are six. So important that we had to put in the "and a half" when applicable. Followed so much later by "almost seven." Now I forget what age I have become. And any number of forms filled in this year say either a year younger or a year older. What does it matter? I am old enough to get into bars though who wants to these days. My "Medicaid Birthday," celebrated by so many friends was no big deal because I had been on it for years because of disability. And I am certainly well past the age of caring whether I can get an abortion were I to need one. But I fought to hard for control of my body in my youth so I am fighting just as hard now for the young bodies that take that for granted.

It seems now that all the things I fought for in the 1970's seem to be vanishing without a fight. And I find myself shocked at old myths resurfacing. Didn't we debunk that decades ago about rape and pregnancy? So is there any progress toward a more civilized world? Should we even continue to fight for a better world.

Maybe it is all shadows. Shadows moving across a wall lengthening and then shortening.


  1. Great blog Jacqui, I share your concerns with the passing of time and how what we have learned is somehow unimportant to the current "youngsters" coming up. They haven't known what it is to be without.

  2. It's terribly frightening although if you speak to the younger generation i.e. those like Natasha, you will find that all was not in vain. My daughter told me this evening that there's to be a referendum in this country on the abortion issue. Abortion is presently illegal but we all know that doctors do perform them in sterile, clinical conditions just as we know that the back street abortionist is alive and well. The only thing that separates the two is money. I was talking to an elderly priest recently who told me that we all know that religion wise we are not to condone it but on the other hand stop interfering, let it become law and let the government and those that have the need, deal
    with it.

    Time flies when you're having fun but time also flies when one is getting older. I have a major upheaval approaching in December and to date I have swept it under the carpet but am going to have to face and deal with it within the next couple of weeks.

    Fabulous in depth blog Jacqui.


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