Monday, January 7, 2013

Week One/2013

Magique After Vole Under the Snow

I would like to say I jumped right into accomplishment of my lists - resolutions, to-do's, and dreams all gunge ho like my labradoodle after a Vole. But I cannot. Oh, the Holiday decorations got taken down and packed away. Even the boxes got carried one by one, through a foot of snow, out to the far storage shed. The space where it stood is now my yoga practice area and I gave it a test run once this week. I like to tell myself I sneak up on my resolutions.

Frankly, in my opinion, the first week of January is why most people fail with resolutions. And why there are twelve days of Christmas ending on Epiphany which is January 6. The first week of January has hideous weather, a refrigerator full of leftovers, and one holiday (New Year's Day). For us here in Black Lake it also has two weeks of trash (the tourists have hogged the dumpsters for at least two weeks), four holiday snow storms to be managed, and this year subzero nights in the twenties and thirties. Really believe hauling firewood through foot deep snow for all day and night fires is exercise enough.

Week two of January is a far better time to begin diet and exercise resolutions. And February a better time to work on finances assuming you handled Christmas debt in January. But I have made some steps toward my lofty and extensive lists this week. I got the trash hauled to the dumpsters, made a list daily and checked them off, lessened time on the computer except for photo processing, started doing shallow squats while waiting for microwave to warm coffee. Really this last is important. It is all to improve my adequate score on the sit on the floor and stand up test. Balance, and leg and core strength is critical as we get older.

And I have done some reorganizing of my interior space. But nobody has given me a used Ford Escort yet, I have not actively sought a tenant for my apartment (some part of me thinks I have rushed this in the past and settled for less than good), and I have not gotten too far away from the wood burning stove.

This week looks to be warmer with temps in the 40's during the day and in the plus at nights. Snow coming next Friday but it is January snow. Time to get off my butt and tackle implementation of some of those resolutions. I am giving myself until Ground Hog day to have them all integrated into my life style.


  1. You go girl. You are doing real well as a start and the way you are talking I just know this is your year to have it all.

  2. So true! I have stopped making resolutions. But I finally got some physiotherapy today, and found out that I must strengthen my quad muscles if I want to do steps the normal way. Now I will have to.

  3. You're doing great even just making lists. I can't even get that far. I wonder why not.


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