Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Wheeler Peak Blow
Written on one of my bathroom mirrors, I have three in the half bath downstairs, in eyebrow pencil is the affirmation, "Manifest power, prosperity and energy in your life today." I feel powerless, broke and sapped today so maybe I noticed it for the first time in the months since I wrote it there because I need that message.

Another affirmation I had years ago because of a certain time in my life was, "Breakdown comes before breakthrough." Sort of goes along those lines of it is always darkest before the dawn which is one of those things people say after you have poured your heart out to them about life not working. Which is just before they tell you that you are a survivor.

Wheeler Peak, the tallest mountain in New Mexico, is an obvious survivor too. But it is often battered by storms and winds and miners in its foothills. Yesterday it looked as if it had hunkered down under the latest onslaught of winds.

The winter has not been gentle. And February is the cruelest month. Add in Mercury in retrograde and sometimes it is all you can do to keep on keeping on one day at a time.


  1. Sometimes it is really hard to stay positive.
    If I have a day like that I get stuck into a really good book and forget about what I should be doing. Snoose if I want to and stuff everything and everyone. I find this happens just before I get really sick.
    Sounds like the weather really sucks where you are so please keep warm.
    Big Hugs.

  2. i have little to add to the advice of your mirror. One day at the time! You are healthy and surrounded by beauty. Take heart.


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