Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keeping a Weather Eye on the Horizon

Will it rain?

It has been a busy week but one rather without focus, and so when I paused this morning to contemplate my weekly blog I had to revert to an old trick which was to look back at the week past photographs.  They remind me of where I was and what I was doing. I was definitely watching the weather.

No, this blog is not about clouds as last week. It is more about watchfulness or expectancy -- will it rain? Will it freeze? How well will the polytunnel do this spring? When should I plant the tomatoes outside? My attention was divided between a friend's health, new fronds on the Sego Palm, waiting for acceptances on exhibits, Mardi's adaptation to new diet, what to do about the destroyed garden shed, whether to build a new one. The list is long.

Tomatoes in tunnel tepee

Sego Palm's new fronds

Cleaning up mess of exploded garden shed

All my friends think I do so much but I have to admit to just staring at things this week. Yes, I got the drip irrigation in the tunnel functioning nicely I believe but it was a lot of turn on the water, stand and stare at what is getting wet, turn off water, add and subtract elements, stand and think, go turn on water and then all again.

And I stared a lot at the ruined garden shed. I did get some stuff taken apart and moved to a place it could be collected easier to toss away. And I gathered up the boxes that had been in the shed. Interestingly enough they were in tact even though I found one of the shed doors in the stream two lots away. I have stared at the stuff that was in the shed and wondered where it will go. Seems happy where it is for the moment. But there must be a new shed in my future. Thinking of building one. The big shed with the mower is too far away. So I have stood and stared at my yard and tried to visualize a shed here or there.

Contents of shed

And there was standing and staring at clouds. Will it storm or not? Is it moving this direction? Is at least one of my friends getting rain? Do I dare go out and begin another out door project?


And while trapped inside from winds I have stared at the drawing I did to find the other frame I have. It is an adaptation of a painting I did almost six years ago; one that sold almost immediately. Oddly enough I was never quite satisfied with it. Made some changes to the drawing and now I am trying to imagine changes in the colors.

Mother would have called all this standing and staring just plain day dreaming. Dad would have considered it strategic planning but I rather like the pirate term of keeping a weather eye on the horizon.

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  1. Good for you. Standing and staring is a good thing. I am presently staring at my in tray and other parts of my desk. Your standing seems to me, to be far more interesting than mine. I cannot get up the enthusiasm for anything except looking. Weather watch? I cannot get the Oklahoma tornado out of my mind and we are now looking at a tropical storm watch. The rains have come.


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