Friday, November 1, 2013

Come November

Goodbye October

The last two days of October were punctuated with snow. The snow on the 30th was beautiful. Wet and heavy it clung to the trees and soaked the land as it quickly melted into the dry ground. The next day's snow was not nearly as beautiful and it came with a wind which closed you into the house.

Halloween snows were once to be counted on here in the high country. Trick or Treating door to door went without protest to community parties, haunted houses, and going to businesses for treats. I live on one of those quiet little back roads with only two juveniles so it has never been an issue at my house. I think I got one party of ghouls after I first moved in and still had the two huge German Shepherds.

On this first day of November I am told by a British friend I must say white rabbit for luck. Living alone that means typing white rabbit. And posting white rabbits.

White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland

The above image certainly seems appropriate. And it goes with the color scheme of this blog.

I find myself rather tharned by the approaching winter. Tharned? It was a word used in Watership Down to portray the frozen nature of rabbits (white rabbits?) in the middle of the highway with the headlights bearing down. I want the moisture but I want it is precise and measured amounts. Or just 250 feet elevation above my house where it is welcome to rain all it wants. Farmer's Almanac did say wetter and warmer. I am definitely for that.

And if there is snow I want it to be beautiful snow. Like the snow on the 30th of October. And if saying White Rabbit at the beginning of every winter month can make that happen I will risk looking like the Mad Hatter.

Quiet Passage


  1. I'll be tharned! I read Watership Down years ago but forgot that word. Beautiful writing and photos. November is my second least favourite month of the year, topped only by December. But once it snows it feels lighter.

  2. Wow Jacqui, just beautiful. I think you are so lucky to get this weather, but then again I don't live there.


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