Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oops that month went fast. Thankfully.

There is something about November which is without distinction. If it were not for Thanksgiving we would all forget it as we do February. I get so tired of things in November. Maybe it is some primal desire to crawl into my prepared cave and sleep away the winter. And yet because of December one has to stay conscious through November. At least barely.

And the cycle of submissions for exhibits in the art world requires some attention to details I would rather just forget. But I know I will regret it come January. And a whole number of things have been going on which have required my attention. The tenant is not moving out at the rate promised. My sister has moved to Texas, and that has not gone as planned. My friend next door went frantic in her speed to get to Florida. Frankly, I am finding myself happy she is gone. And guilty I feel that way.

December looks busy with a whole list of odd jobs for pay. And with the driveway (hopefully any day) free of all cars but mine I can open my studio at least three days a week. There is the accepted framed photograph to get to Albuquerque, two pet sitting jobs for now, consideration of entries or a show which juries in January, engagement of plumber to fix shut off valve in rental unit (should the tenants actually get their shit out), a order of vacation of property to file in Raton (if they don't), and paintings to paint, photographs to paint.

And fighting against just curling up in front of the fire and sleeping the winter away. Someone please wake me up in May. No I do not want to head south for the winter. I am a hibernator and not a migratory bird. The lowering skies and grey days do not inspire. I do not like the too early dark at night. The dogs are still on regular time.

So tomorrow is December. Will the world instantly change because of the date? God, I hope so. I want the world my way for the rest of the year.

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