Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014

Bright New Year

So the New Year arrived. Hello 2014. And on the 31st comes the Chinese new year; the year of the Horse. I wish we would name our years beyond just numbers. Us humans are so keen at demarcating time but not real good at trying to make them memorable.

So here I am again trying to set some goals for the year. I keep changing the name. Gave up resolutions decades ago. I think I am going with focus this year.

Biggest focus is my upcoming one woman show in July. And I also want to work harder on the artistic development of my photography. Those are the creative focuses.

Financially I want to market my creative products more and take on more odd jobs so I can support my house without renting out the apartment. I am looking at doing a reverse finance also so I have more access to my equity and can make some improvements on my home and on my transportation. I want a new to me used four wheel drive pickup.

And of course I do want to lose weight. Again. And I am planning on being serious with my yoga, and exercise.

But most I want to recenter on my spiritual core and celebrate my life as it is.


  1. Good goals all - I like plans & goals rather than resolutions.

  2. I like the last line. Be careful with accessing equity. Financial institutions are far from stable. Google Nicole Foss and watch some of her videos.


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