Monday, May 26, 2014

The Week that Was the Bow Greenhouse

Magique in front of the Bow Greenhouse

Spent this whole last week working on the new and improved polytunnel. It is 11 x 16 feet. Previously it was 7 x 16 feet so I gained a lot of square footage and that means able to plant more things.

Topped out by not tied down

More room means more raised bed space and 5 gallon tubs for some plants like potatoes and I think Tomatoes. Been trying them out for size.

Tomatoes  started from seed sunning outside before the rains
Buckets also protect them from winds until they are in the greenhouse

Tubs of potatoes between raised beds

Been spending so much time on the bow construction I am a bit behind on the planting. Have a lot of plants under the low tunnel and seeds planted in the far raised bed. Still need to add more soil to the newest raised bed which will get broccoli among other plants. I have raised potatoes in tubs before. As they sprout up you raise the soil level and then when time to harvest you just pour out the potatoes. No digging.

The tomatoes will have their soil level raised again and again to increase their roots as the tomatoes grow up over the tops of the buckets. It also makes it possible in this questionable weather to pick them up and move them inside if necessary for at least half of June.

Yes, you can buy very large tomato plants at the nurseries but they are not organic and no GMO yet. I imagine nurseries will be going that way but until they we are stuck with doing them from seed.

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