Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last Twelve Days

Tres Amigos

Seemed a century ago when I began working on more work for my one woman show at Gallery Main. Now there is less than two weeks. Yesterday I was a bit tharned by that. Mercury in retrograde reared its disruptive force and I was deep into alternate plan scenario. Going with the UHaul rented trailer as opposed to the used camper shell. Winds and a need to round up friends to help install it seemed to made it impossible over the last month.

I am one of those, who if something is TOO difficult, figure the universe is trying to tell me something and back off. Admittedly I was more dogged about this than most. I had bought the pick up in part for this whole affair. That and you just need a pickup living in the mountains. Especially if we have a horrid fire season. Yesterday was the last straw. Too much wind to begin with. I really want to back my pickup into a garage and have someone install the shell for me. I have the installation kit. I was prepared to do this. It just got worse than herding cats.

But good to know all this now. Time to revise plans. And if I have a successful show I will be able to buy a new shell - the type where you drive in and they install it. And the pickup is more than capable of towing a UHaul trailer. And I am very much more comfortable with things if I have to depend upon nobody but myself. The whole going blind thing had put me in a different frame of mine. I needed eye buddies.

So yesterday in the studio I was making two frames for finished paintings which seemed to need them, Googling for UHaul locations and prices, staring at my newest painting just begun and wondering if I would finish it in time, going upstairs to pull paintings from boxes and evaluate for the show, and looking over my long not updated inventory list and penciling in revisions.

It will work. It will all work out and for the best in the long run. Dad raised me to be highly self-sufficient.

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