Friday, August 15, 2014

Why Don't Men Listen?

Subtitle: Why I love my dog. She pays attention.

I love my local hardware store. They know that even when I cannot remember the correct word I know what I want and what I want is correct for the job I am doing. I walk in with combinations of PVC pipe and they point me to the bins so I can play tinker toy (or would it be Lego Pipes) until I have the parts I need to replace it.

And Ace hardware in Taos knows me too. And probably has gotten the news that 60% of all power tools are sold to women and not as gifts for their husbands. My mechanic thinks I keep a messy car but respects that when I tell what I think is wrong that I am in the ball park.

The one set of men I have to deal with from time to time who show no respect are delivery men. So yesterday as I had to deal with Lowe's delivery men while doing odd jobs at her house was very frustrating. First because I had to consider what I was doing based on could I hear the phone or not. Delete use of power sander. Or my location so I could see the drive. Things got done in sort of strange sequence.

They did call promptly at 7:30 to let me know the window of deliver: 10 to 1. But they did not get directions as I was informed they would. I asked if they needed that and was informed they would call when they reached Angel Fire. I clearly did not have to answer the phone at 7:30. They could have left a message. I returned to my house to do some things at home before going back awaiting their call for directions at 9:30.

When two o'clock came and went I went to the caller ID function and found the number of the cell they were using and was told they were running late but would call when they left Angel Fire. Wait, I yelled, as they disconnected, DIRECTIONS? See, since I live here I know where the dead spots are between Angel Fire and my neighborhood. They were planning to call from one of those. And each time we talked they wanted to speak to Mr. Doe instead of a woman.

Thinking they knew where Black Lake was they drove right by at 60 plus mph in a 45 mph area. It is all cell phone dead zone for miles. So obviously they had to drive to a place with reception. "Mr. Doe, where are you located? We are down past Black Lake."

"You want directions now?"

"Yes, or let us speak to Mr. Doe."

"Me, take it or leave it."

I gave my practiced set of directions. This is not my first rodeo and I know where everyone goes wrong if they are going to not listen carefully. And then I went out and stood in the middle of the road to flag them down. Jumping quickly out of the way as they roared down my quiet little country unpaved lane and what had to be 50 mph. I waited for them to find a place to turn around and come back to where I was standing, so I could explain to them their only option to get the washer and dryer into the small laundry room with only one large enough door.

Of course they questioned that.

I feel back on icy silence. I had scheduled myself for three hours of work (sanding baseboard trim and scraping outside base trim isn't anything you do all day) and I was at five hours as they drive away. I was tired and in pain and frustrated.

When I get a new washer and dryer I think I will pick it up in my truck and install them myself.

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