Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Pet Peeves

Frozen Falls

Number one pet peeve! Asking me what I am going to do for Thanksgiving (number two would be Christmas). Nobody ever wants to know the answer. It is just a way to lead into a discussion of their grand plans.

So I guess we are on number three: Calling from Florida so express your sorrow (always sounds more like gloating) that it is snowing again where I live. BTW I like the snow. And I am allergic to Florida. My ideal vacation is Utah in May or September. And you will note I do not call you in the middle of a hurricane and gloat.

Number four: This may be down on the list but it is huge. Yelling to someone else when on the telephone with me. We used to put our hands over the mouth piece if we were going to cuss out the dog while on a phone conversation. We always knew what was said but we still had ear drums. Worse is whispering on the call to me because someone else is in the room on your end. Only excuse for this is "the place is being robbed, please call the cops."

Number five: Launching into a comment about the weather because I posted the absolutely most awesome and beautiful picture of a snow covered wood. This comes under the heading of "if you cannot say anything good . . ." etc. We all heard it from our mothers. What the photographer wants to hear is AWWW, how wonderful!

Number six: Wet sleeves. I absolutely cannot tolerate having wet sleeves on my wrist. I have been known to totally change what I am wearing in seconds when rinsing out a cup at the last moment splashes water on my wrist. Frankly it is about the only time I am cold. (I do not do swamp heat).

I am going to stop there. Pet peeves are always in flux. Obviously in summer Number 1 and 2 do not make the list. And if I have just been sitting around a doctor's lobby there is the "I am sicker than you" pet peeve. Interestingly enough with the cataracts this spring and follow ups this summer all the people in the waiting rooms seemed so grateful and well and wonderful. Mostly.

And there are what I call my polite company pet peeves. I just think we need to return to a kinder and gentler time as far as manners and conversations and politeness.

It is wise to remember about now that I came out sane on the OCD test.


  1. Your pet peeves sound reasonable to me my dear. I just get plain bloody frustrated when things don't go as I want them...immediately. lol

  2. I can ask you what you're doing for Thanksgiving because I don't celebrate it so have absolutely no grand plans and it's a normal work day.

    Next time call during a hurricane and gloat. You won't feel better but you will have got it out of your system and probably be able to avoid future which concern snow!

    I put the phone down in the event that the person on the other end decides to have a conversation with someone else whether they shout or not - especially if they have called me. Sorrys don't cut it.

    Only nice comments are accepted and I loathe when people try to turn a lovely thread into something else. Like the person who did it to me yesterday on my bank teller thread.

    I don't like wet sleeves either.

    I get peeved when someone walks over my drying kitchen floor, when people don't follow through once they have said they will, when people interrupt my train of thought at work with trivia, when a member of my staff messages me in the middle of the night to tell me she's at the hospital with her daughter.....those peeves actually turn into complete zero tolerance level!


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