Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Open Letter to the DNC

Stop Already

This goes out to the Democratic National Committee and all Democratic candidates who felt they had the right to abuse my email addresses and my telephones just because I am a registered Democrat. I read you messages and replied to some. I even listened to a few of the robo calls in hopes a human would come on and we could dialog. Now you get to listen to me. I plan to change my party registration before the 2016 election cycle begins tomorrow. Green party sounds good. Independent sounds better.

I know you wanted money. Because of the economy I did not have it to give. And until the repeal or an amendment to nullify Citizens United SCOTUS decision I do not intend to donate money again. I stand fully behind any effort to reform our campaign system. In fact I demand it NOW. Giving you money just seems to encourage this democracy for sale concept. Besides it is ridiculous to pay a politician to merely run for office. Let's be realistic representatives will have to begin campaigning the day after elected. When do they govern? Sorry, stupid question, because as far as I can tell the House of Representatives never governed in the last two years. I no longer hold any hope they will ever govern again as the system stands.

Campaign reform is no longer an option: It is necessary for the survival (make that recovery) of our representative republic. If the Australians can file, campaign, and be elected in 90 days so can we. And nobody should spend more to publicize their candidacy then the salary they will be making in that office. (Please do not raise your salaries so you can spend more.) It cost you nothing to swamp my in box on two email accounts with no fewer than 30 emails a day. Sorry DNC, KING, LARA, UDALL, and President and Mrs. Obama but when you ignore my request to minimize email, and then to unsubscribe from your lists which you give out freely to everyone, I call that abuse and I have reported you to Yahoo Mail and Gmail for same.

I will be going out to cast my vote this morning at my small precinct voting location I have used for a couple decades now. I have never missed voting. I have voted early a few times. And by mail a couple. One such vote was returned to me after the election because it got lost even in its official envelope. It is a ten minute drive to the Community Center, and I rather enjoy the process. To vote early requires a five hour round trip at hideous gas prices and at a time when good weather is not guaranteed. I have requested several times for our huge county to have an alternate early voting location on our side of Cimarron Canyon. Also ignored, along with all those requests to not e-mail me any more.

I figure as a loyal Democrat (what woman in her right mind could be a Republican these days) I should warn you ahead of time that any presidential hopeful who begins campaigning for office prior to November 2015 will not have my vote. Especially if that person decides to abuse my email inbox and telephone. You will note I am changing my party registration so I do not need notified of any primary campaigns.

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