Friday, October 16, 2015

Out of Sync

Out of Sync

I have been feeling out of sync this summer. I blamed it at first on just being too busy with things out of my comfort zone. And figured it was just a matter of scheduling my life better; paying more attention to my physical and emotional self.

Doing those things seemed to take entire too much time. And money. And they also got me overly involved with things like teeth and numbers on cholesterol and blood pressure and calories and sodium. If schedules are tight to begin with then something has to go. One area I almost immediately noticed was art. Even time with my camera ebbed. Since painting and photography are my means to Zen then I was defeating my purpose of paying more attention to my emotional self.

But then I began asking myself if all the syncopation was internal. We are part of the universe and certainly our communities and when both are on wobble it is natural to be effected. Some conflagration occurs on the heels of change. Change can be good but it can also be very unsettling. It can create chaos. In yourself and your friends and things you depend on to provide stability.

The year my father died I suffered a series of accidents of fortunately a minor nature but clustered together. A counselor told me it was a sign I needed to stop and take time off. Take time to mourn for my father and find my emotional balance. Emotional imbalance can cause physical imbalance.

If Mercury in retrograde can cause accidents and miscommunication then certainly retrograde in our emotional lives can too. Getting back in balance is not as easy as cutting back on salt or eating more fiber or being sure you show up for all your dental checkups.

Nothing a two week vacation, no medical or dental appointments,  and a half million dollars would not instantly make better.


  1. Been there done that, but still waiting on the half -million dollars. ; (

  2. Just what I said on FB. Unsettling times and the artists feel it most. Add the stress of making ends meet and the encroachment of age, bingo, stress. And there is no one to share the adulting with. Also, you did not get quite enough summer, right? It is nice to not have to worry about drought and fires but at some moment one wants a stretch of sun and warmth.

  3. Being out of sync is a dreadful feeling and is unfortunately not cured by a couple of weeks off, cancellations etc..I am not an artist as you are and contrary to Len's thoughts, unsettling times affect us all in some form or another. These last few weeks have been pure hell although the happy tea cups and fairies continue to appear on my Face Book page on a daily basis. The private feedback I get is so worth it that I can put my pain to one side and know that at least I am making some smile. It is not at the moment, a particularly happy or fulfilling time all around so best thing is to find extended 'me' time and breathe. Emotional imbalance certainly causes physical imbalance as you and I well know. Chronic chest pains plus severe panic attacks have been the norm over the last three weeks. But then again apart from personal issues, there was the funeral of a friend's aunt who was also related to daughter's boyfriend, a friend who lost her mother last Saturday and then on the same day collapsed with bleeding in the brain caused by two aneurysms which have been successfully coiled but there is still swelling in the brain and it is not that positive. She is still in a coma and doctors not happy; a friend of my daughter's in his early 30's died the day before yesterday....the positives? Not many at the moment but at least I am alive as are you. Be better soon my dear friend.

    1. I did not say us non artists do not feel the common climate at all. Just that artists feel it more.

  4. And here I was hoping your long vacation had solved everything. For me, however, vacations can be the opposite. The chest pains sound like something you need to see doctors about. And yet just this morning I was telling myself I did not have time to see a doctor again. One just gave me a clean bill of health. I think we both need some me time. And that can be stolen from our schedules without going on vacation.


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