Friday, October 30, 2015

Second to Thicke

My Cat Thicke

Because I am an artist, and a blogger, and on several social media sites I Google well. But Thicke leads me in likes. Paws down. And my photographs of Thicke do very well on several photographic pages I participate in. He certainly has fan appeal. Wondering if he should be my logo. Should I take advantage of him being my unofficial studio cat and make it formal.

Yesterday I attended a workshop on how to put my business on the map. Yes, I Google well, even Google image well, but Google maps has trouble locating me. Evidently it also has a great deal of trouble locating a lot of others in my neck of the woods. Literally. But would they zero in on my location if I listed it as the home of Thicke?

Tag words or labels help your posts, be they photos or blogs, score high in Google ratings. I use New Mexico a lot. But I am wondering as I am trying to put Binford-Bell Studio on Google and the map should I be using Thicke as a tag word?

You got my spots right?

In the workshop yesterday one of my table mates had used her dog's name to set up her Google site originally. She decided to change it to her name and Google won't without verification. They are sending a post card. I have to wonder if they are sending it to her or her dog?

I keep telling myself it is not all about Thicke. My photographs of Thicke, and numerous other animals, are stellar. In my capacity as pet sitter (don't quit your day job) I often capture my charges in memorable moments. They will run and hide from even their owner's smart phones but ham it up in front of my DSLR with long lens. Maybe I should just go into pet photography.

So Thicke's name is in the labels on this blog. Let's see how that scores as a tag. I promise to not have my feelings hurt.


  1. Well we all know how cats are and this one is a darling! Love this post! Go for it!

  2. I still miss his twin but he is doing well solo. He is extremely photogenic!


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