Thursday, May 19, 2016

What I Really Took Pictures Of

White Rain just finished

Every week in my other blog, Creative Journey, I publish photographs posted on my Facebook page for my studio as part of the 365 Days of photography challenge. Supposedly the photos I post there are the best and most artistic but they are by no means what I take pictures of every day. My first DSLR was purchased to photograph my art work so I could enter shows and exhibits and not have to hire a photographer. And so a large portion of its use is to take photos of my art work like the just finished White Rain.

I also do process blogs on Creative Journey (BTW the link to that site is in the right hand column) so there were almost daily photographs taken of this painting from beginning to end. Those photos also help me critique my own work and correct little things on bigger canvases.

Since I got that first DSLR ethernet blogging and Facebook came a force to be utilized for marketing of art and staying in touch with friends and family. So I also have a personal page, JBinfordBell, where I post my life as it were. When I began it and this blog, Sidetracked Charley, they both were just on line journals. I have always journaled in one form or another. But now I can combine it with photographs which illustrate my life. This week has been a lot about gardening.

The Poly Tunnel topped out

And I can go back and look at progress in years before and the evolution of my gardening in high altitudes. Unless I win the lottery, become hugely successful at painting and/or photography this is probably as elaborate as I will to with the "greenhouse".

Inside the greenhouse - the low inner tunnel

 I like recording my progress on the gardening. The polytunnel has added 30 days to my short growing season here in the highlands. And summers and fall everything I eat virtually comes from this plastic monster outside my studio door. As many people visit my studio to see the greenhouse as the art.

I also use my camera to photograph my fur kids. I don't own a smart phone. Just two DSLR's two generations from that first one I bought. iphone pictures are just not acceptable in my world even as snapshots. Besides I never know when a snapshot becomes a marketable item.

Thicke "helping" with repotting

The camera is never too far away if Thicke does something particularly cute, in my humble opinion. I have trained him to be a ham.

Thicke checking out the containers for planting

Magique wants walks and not gardening. The picture below is of her waiting for us to join friends with dogs on a walk. 

Being Patient

And below is Polly with Valentine, Magique, and Carol with Jimmie. So it is clear to see not everything I capture with my camera is a masterpiece except to me maybe.


  1. I love your latest painting particularly! That greenhouse has alwas interested me of course but I just realised what insane altitude you live at!

    1. I think I am at about the same zone you are. Maybe one down but 75 miles north is equal to 100 feet in altitude. Since I am chemically challenged I like that I have no fleas, no ticks, only a token of mosquitoes for about a week, no poisonous snakes and only one poisonous spider.

      I chose this altitude for all those reasons. I do not have to use pesticides on me or my animals.


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