Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Changes

How the garden does grow

Summer solstice just happened but I was lagging a bit behind with spring organization. So much goes on in May and June in my mountain area. Gardening gets going full bore and the lawn needs mowed. Again I notice. Time seems so used up already. But you need to take time to photograph the Chinese Cabbage, not just make sure it is watered enough.

The abundance of the garden has made me look at vegetable keeping. My refrigerator with its freezer on the bottom wants to freeze foods kept in the vegetable keepers. I keep cheese and packaged meats and things there. And bought some Rubbermaid vegetable keepers to keep my salads. And they are doing quite well, but almost always full. Froze my first bag of spinach. Summers I drink frozen fruit smoothies and eat great salads of mixed greens grown in my garden. Seems the lettuce and spinach produced early. Guess I am getting the bow tunnel science down. I am still a bit away from the broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and snow peas for stir fry.

But I have also been looking at things I have been putting up with like my handheld phones for my land line. I had to be on the telephone to NM Tax and Revenue for almost two house recently. The old vTech system did not have a speaker phone even on the base unit. I have cussed it for two years. And the batteries don't recharge quite as well as they did so during the two hours on the phone I had to exchange hand held units twice. Once that meant running up the stairs. So I vowed to upgrade.

And not just the telephone. Because I was in my studio with my laptop and the only available chair was my studio stool if I was going to stay close to the laptop to follow the tech's instructions. If I had a hand free I could have moved the laptop but there are no comfortable chairs in the studio. Or weren't. I vowed to upgrade that.

Amazon provided all the information I needed to chose a new vTech, in red, which had all the features I was missing on the old phone including a speaker phone in each handset. The thrift store in Eagle nest provided the chairs for the studio. Three folding teak chairs in excellent condition. And they are so very comfortable. Folding is rather a requirement so I can move things out of the way when making frames or boxing up for a exhibit.

Folding teak chair after washing

Every once in a while you need to stop and take stock of what you have been putting up with for lack of time or money. I found an instant new home for the chairs I didn't like and boxed up some other things to go to the thrift store. I am vinegar washing the teak chairs. Then took a walk around my property even though I did not have the time. Irises planted years ago are finally blooming. 

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  1. Love your iris photo. Your life seems good right now. Lots of accomplishments and no crazy law suits hanging over your head.


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