Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Revealed Truth on the Road to Raton - DTJ Version

Dark Skies
It has been a while since I drove to Raton. And since I entered one of the Old Pass Gallery exhibits. Following the election I became a hermit. Well, not really a hermit because I seem to be more involved in my own community. 

I have just not wanted to get out of my comfort zone until it became decidedly uncomfortable here. Since Angel Fire has made me the Black Listed artist of Black Lake I have sought other venues. Which is why I found myself yesterday racing a storm to Raton to drop off four framed photographs at the Ralph Solano Exhibit opening this week. They are all black and white which is another departure. And the titles are The Memory of Trees 1, 2, 3 and 4. So a dark subject. Last time I entered this annual show the pictures were brighter. The times were brighter.

I was suppose to take my entries on Saturday but the weather was foul and forecast to get worst. I have been caught before in weather between here and Raton. Spring storms can be the worst especially across the high plains. I was racing a weather front again on Monday. And with a late start. I wavered about going at all. Fortunately the storm had a late start too. I decided fair or foul to put my big girl panties on and head east in Big Blue.

Storm moving in
What after all is the worst that can happen? You slide off the road into a ditch and freeze to death in a blizzard? Or fall prey to a high plains twister? Or I make the entire trip without taking one photograph? Perish the thought.

The buffalo were not in evidence anywhere. Maybe hunkered down because of the ions in the air. Storm or just the volcanoes? Yeah, they say they are dormant. I say prove it.

Clayton/Raton Volcanic Range

I took no photos on the way out to Raton but stopped a few times on the way back to record the changing horizon. It seemed to change minute by minute.

So what is the revealed truth of this trip? 

There are just so many Trump bumper stickers which can be put on a pickup. Raton could be home of the winner of that competition.

At 65 miles an hour you don't need your windshield wipers in the rain. The wind does it for you.

Snow can happen within minutes of rain and hail anytime it wants. Even without clouds overhead. 

The storm which was scheduled for four pm was 12 hours late. So there, Weather Channel

And if I don't stop for photos I can make the trip out in an hour and half. But where is the fun in that. Return took two some of which was spent just standing beside the road and smelling the ions in the air.

Back before dark

And last but not least: Fear is a mind game. Don't let it win.

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