Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Failure to Communicate

Ever feel you were getting absolutely nowhere? I have been attempting to get in touch with my legal aid attorney now for more than a week. First it seemed it was just the FAX lines that hand been disabled at the office. Then all the phones.

I called the Santa Fe office of Legal Aid and waited two days to get a return call to be told this was effecting phones state wide. There is a setting on this coming Tuesday which is a phone conference. My attorney has filed an appearance and the cover letter lists her cellphone number while acknowledging communication issues at the office. Called the cell number and left a message there yesterday! No joy.

Well, there is always the physical address. So I am on my way over the mountain to hand deliver papers to her. I certainly hope there is someone there.

In this day of e-mail, FAX, telephones, and cellphones we take communication for granted. And haven't a clue what to do when they fail us. A few years back some hungry prairie dogs south of here chewed through the fiber optic lines of Qwest and put kaput to all the above for almost two days for the majority of the state of New Mexico.

Something to think about. The next time you get a busy signal. That phone line could just be another bridge to nowhere.

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