Sunday, March 15, 2009

OMG Another New Blog!

Those that know me are probably totally mystified with another new blog. I already have, just here on Blogger, two others. Creative Journey is about my art and the creative process. Travels with Charley is now devoted almost entirely to political issues here in the United States and more specifically in the Mountain West. It did not start out as that, but was sidetracked. Ergo the name of this new blog.

I am very easily sidetracked. Maybe that is the creative mind or the fact that I ran with scissors as a child. Today we call that Hyper Active Attention Deficit Disorder (HAADD). And I was happy that research has shown we don't outgrow it. Means I am not crazy. As we did not medicate scissor running kids when I was a child I did learn some discipline. I can focus but sometimes for just limited periods of times. But it is best for me to always have a wide variety of tasks or interests about so I can shift from one to the other. When painting I frequently work on as many as four at a time.

So it is entirely appropriate for me to have multiple blogs. And skip blithely from one to the other. I cannot tell you what to expect on this page other than it will not be what is on my other blogs. It may not even make sense to anyone but me. But blogs began as on line journals primarily for the writer and not the reader.

I think it will be interesting.

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