Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Few Random Saturday Thoughts

We are currently enjoying some fantastic Indian Summer weather. So while I would love to be in the studio painting today I need to stop ignoring the snow fencing that needs restretched. And as tomorrow is Sunday I need to get to the hardware store today and lay in supplies for fencing and for framing of the pictures I have finished.

And as Halloween is just around the corner I need to pick up a pumpkin and then decide if I am going to carve one. I also want to make a new birdfeeding station for the winter - one that is visible from my studio windows. Actually considering placing it right under the studio window in front. Yes, within cat range but what isn't.

So these last nice days before winter settles in are divided between chores that must be done and those that would be nice to do. I should be totally focusing on the must get dones but my inner brat wants to do what it wants to do. Frankly I would like to go visiting a local ghost town or two. Yesterday, while visiting a house I am caring for this winter I picked up Ponderosa pine cones knocked down by the winds a couple days ago. Always good to make fire starters with. Or just decorate here and there around between the plants. There is that should and want again.

To make fire starters you melt down old candles in a shallow pan and roll the pine cones in it. To make them festive you can then roll them in glitter or confetti. Cool them on a cookie tray and store in a basket or bucket not too close to the fire. Great way to recycle candle wax and a green way to start fires this winter.

Maybe I should go collect more pine cones? Anything to not pound fence posts.


  1. Well, having done chores on Saturday and doing more proof-reading today (Sunday) I can say that I fully sympathise with you, Jacqui. Unfortunately these things need be done and we must do them. I am looking forward ot a weekend where I will do NO WORK - hopefully in the very near future...
    Whatever you do, enjoy it. There is a certain sense of achievement after one completes (unpleasant) chores.

  2. Remember to keep those pine cones for Christmas.

    that's a pretty spooky picture! Ok sighs - can something be pretty and spooky at the same time????


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