Saturday, October 3, 2009

No Yards for Sale

The above poster was a blast from the past. I had forgotten that we once called rummage sales White Elephant Sales. I remember as a child being very disappointed there were no white elephants to buy. I wanted one badly.

Now, of course, we call them yard or garage sales, though like the white elephants, there are no yards or garages for sale. I am having a garage sale and I don't even have a garage. I and my neighbor, when working up ads for this event, debated various words and decided garage sale, whether you had one or not, gave people a better understanding of what was going on. Frankly, I am confused.

It has been a confusing ten days preparing for this. Going through the closets and cabinets and pulling out stuff. Each unearth item seems to raise some old memory to the surface which is why I think the "Been there/done that" title I attached to the event really fit. But dredging up the white elephants seemed unsettling for more than just me. The canine fur kids are having a shift of pecking order which seems to result in sporadic but vicious fights, so I have called the neighborhood dog whisperer to come consult next week. I am suppose to be the alpha member of the pack. So Audrey advised that for the next few days I really pull rank with both dogs. Morning walks will go back to being training sessions.

Trying to do four things at once yesterday morning resulted in a total melt down of my multi-tasking skills and I almost had a serious kitchen fire. No flames but the smoke was bad enough. Had all the windows and doors open with it being just 26 F outside.

Exhausted last night from dealing with junk, literally, and people calling about when we were open for business or when they could bring things over, I tried to watch a DVD and settle down for the night. Every scene in the movie I was trying to watch seemed to remind me of something else I had not gotten out of its hiding place to sell. Hit pause, run upstairs, carry stuff downstairs, resume watching the movie. I just hope I don't have to put all this stuff back.

I guess it is good I never got that white elephant. It would put a whole other dynamic to the fur kid pecking order that needs sorting out.


  1. I know this will ultimately be good for you, but what chaos it is causing for you on so many levels at the moment.

    Remember to price things to sell. If you don't sell everything, consider giving some things away, like art supplies to a school, other items to charity.

    I have a hard time parting with books, but I have two boxes of paperbacks that are going to the Road Home this morning. I boxed them up a year ago and then kept them "just in case" I might want to read one again. Silly! I like the Road Home as they help homeless families find affordable housing and give them the things they need to furnish and start a life there. Any usable household items and clothing of mine go there. Other local charities resell the things I donate, but not the Road Home.

    Good luck with the sale! I hope it is busy and profitable!


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