Thursday, January 7, 2010

Status Update

This morning the trees and bushes are covered with a thick hoar frost. Better than feet of snow in my rather humble opinion. The purr kids are not fond of the cold weather and are satisfied to merely do virtual bird hunting from their perches within the comfort of the studio. Cloud cover is, however, making it rather gloomy and the Canadian cold front is making it rather cold. Won't get above freezing today.

Not a bad day to stay inside and do all the calling and searching of records I must do for my attorney. But I am determined to have a recess or two with DVD, exercise and some painting to brighten my day emotionally at least.

Speaking of brightening my day - I have lost four pounds in two weeks and I am thrilled. All the more thrilled because it does not seem to have taken a major sacrifice on my part. Just balancing my blood sugar levels with herbal vitamins and minerals.

And I took a peek on line at my electric bill for energy used in November and it is lower than last year. Will not know how much I cut it until I get the paper bill in a week or two and see the days in the billing period and when they read the meters. It was the bill I had to pay in January 09 that sent me on a financial tail spin for the balance of the winter.

All that and I can say I am cautiously optimistic. But as a sufferer of PTSD and winter depressions I know that can be a day by day struggle to remain positive. I want to thank, Heather Belle, for passing along a bit of advice - rather than try to be Pollyanna constantly it is adequate to just affirm: I'm okay. And today I am definitely okay.

BTW there is a couple very interested in two of my paintings at the gallery. A nice purchase or two would be definitely good news for funding for my entry fees on fairs this summer.

Query for blogger users. I began a new private blog and it had all the bells and whistles on the top navigation bar for blogging. But suddenly it doesn't. No format options or posting of pictures or changes of font, etc. Have I clicked something in error? Or is this a blogger issue? Help.


  1. Do you have the "HTML" and "COMPOSE" tabs or just HTML? The formatting options are mostly under Compose so select that if it's there. If you only have HTML, it's a setting. I'll to go look and see where it is.

  2. Yes, I finally found that little setting. Rather obscure and not sure why I had clicked it to preference HtmL but all okay now.

    Thanks for your response.

  3. Found the settiing. When you are editing a post, at the top you see tabs for Posting, Settings, Layout, Monetize, click on Settings. At the bottom of that window check to see if you've clicked "Hide Compose Mode". Choose either the new or old editor to get the formatting buttons.


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