Sunday, January 17, 2010

Truly Sidetracked

Aspens in Winter

The temperature got up into the high forties yesterday and the sun seemed so bright and the sky so blue and I just could not resist playing. The fur kids and I with camera went for a longer walk than usual. It felt go to totally release the "I should's" and waste the day.

January has been all about getting ready for the court date which was suppose to be this coming Wednesday. That has been postponed for two months and I assume all the prep we did will make it unnecessary to march to the legal drum between now and then. As I have stated in Creative Journey I do need to get some paintings done for the summer fairs but I also need to reconnect with my spiritual center, as it were. And that was accomplished with the exhibition yesterday.

As adults we don't take enough time for play, especially when our lives become entirely too serious through no fault of our own. The legal issue was the sidetrack I was forced onto. Yesterday, though I thought it was a deviation from course, was actually getting back on the right track with myself.

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  1. I'm all for adult "play time". It helps us recharge our depleted batteries and refill our souls with the energy that we need to work.

    I am glad that you take the time to do this and I am sure that it helps you keep sane!

    All the best with the court case when it comes up!


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