Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Status Update - My Turn to Whine

A friend, and frequent reader of this blog, informed me recently that my weekly chats have not given her the status on various issues in my life. I had not considered my life that interesting of late. But since another friend also mentioned that my status updates on Facebook have been non-existent or evasive I might try to remedy my omissions.

Blizzard Lizard: Also known as the VanGo or The Vehicle is still in the shop. My mechanic injured his back and was getting nothing done for a while. He called yesterday to deeply apologize. Fortunately I have had my neighbor's aging Corolla to toodle around in. The mechanic is giving her a free oil change for her kindness.

Finances: Still holding fast to the money needed to rescue the Blizzard Lizard when it is ready. The longer this takes the closer we come to more funds available. I am thinking of maintaining this strict economy through May so I can put some reserve funds back. A few pet sitting gigs and a small art sale helped make ends meet the last two weeks.

Lawsuit: No verdict yet. It has been in the hands of the judge for over a year now. Lead legal aid attorney is going on to bigger and better things. My second chair will be taking over any further action. The 8th judicial district had one not enough judges to begin with. One of the two judges got mired in controversy and has not sat the bench for over 6 months. My judge has health issues and is working only about half time. Finally action was taken and two retired judges pulled temporarily back to handle new cases and a new judge will be appointed to handle the bench in Taos. The longer this takes the more people involved could die.

Spring: Seems to be once again on hold. I have seedlings in the studio but there is snow outside again today. But the inclement weather of the last three days has yielded almost an inch of moisture in the form of rain and snow.

Art Season: Refused in the Ruidoso show which I will never apply for again because of their way of handling it. In this day of instant communication via email they chose a "all accepted artists will hear by" approach rather than communicate yea or nay to all applicants. But on the heels of that disappointment I got the opportunity for a month long showcase in a gallery in Albuquerque in June, and a showcase at the visitors center here in September.

In short it has not been the best of times or the worst of times. It has been rather more of the same with little resolution on any major fronts. Ergo I have found it difficult to be enthusiastic about status messages. Later.

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