Thursday, April 21, 2011

They Lie to Us All the Time

Hope Springs Eternal

A friend of mine and I were sharing memories of our youth which we were lucky enough to share in part. We were the flower children of the 60's. Sex, love and rock and roll. The good times: No STD's that could not be cured with Penicillin, all war news at least a week old and highly sanitized by the media, if you crashed at a pad with multiple friends it was from choice and not necessity, communes held the hope that we could grow what we needed and it wasn't poisoned, and to some degree we believed Cronkite told us the truth.

My late friend, lover and former husband, Marc, was fond of saying, "They lie to us all the time." That seemed so infinitely clear this week with the Japan nuclear disaster dropping off the radar while BP told us that the fish in the Gulf in Mexico and coastal bayous was now safe to eat. Even the bottom dwellers like oysters and crawlfish. I think I will just content myself with how much I loved to eat them once.

I am old enough to remember the contamination in our food because of above ground nuclear testing in Nevada - up wind from my childhood home in New Mexico, and the mercury poisoning in the Chesapeake bay due to the pollutants disposed of in the rivers that dumped in that fishery. Or what was happening to the eggs of raptors because of the DDT used on food so bugs would die. A lot was researched then about the build up of toxins along the food chain - us humans generally being the last. Fish and eggs, and even Mother's milk was put on the unsafe to consume list. I notice that there is no such list today. Should there be?

With all the radiation being dumped into the Japanese sea and current should be be wary of salmon and shrimp and scallops? What of rice? Tsunami's are not clean. The tides take away all the pollution on land and wash it all back up on the shores. I am putting more garden in this year. Lettuce really loves to absorb toxins in the soil. I am sure about my soil. Stocking up on salmon already frozen in the stores. Farm raised fish is beginning to look better and better. Lamb from the mountain ranges in the San Juan area.

I don't trust the current media to tell us the truth about anything beyond Charlie Sheen.

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  1. I have just left a comment here only to find that Blogger is playing up!

    They all lie - they always did and they always will. Marc was right. R has always said it too. And now when I see him watching the news he says 'they're not telling you everthuing' and I have to believe him - especially since the news broke about the Japanese reactor plants. they daren't tell the truth - imagine a whole world rebelling. I think this is why the Japanese are they way they are - acceptance seems to be their stance.

    I remember the days when we planted all our salad stuffs and strawberries. I remember when meat tasted like meat and chicken tasted like chicken. I this country the chickens are pumped with so many hormones that the majority of young women suffer with polycystic ovaries.

    Do you remember as many cancer cases in those days? And it seemed that the whole world smoked. That was when food was food. My grandfather who lived to be almost 100 and parents used to say things like 'it was never like this in my day'... and I used to roll my eyes to heaven. I say it now and my children don't roll their eyes.

    fresh food untouched by human hand sounds good.


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